Valve announces Steam Families, available in the Steam beta client today

Valve announces Steam Families
Valve announces Steam Families

Valve Software, the minds behind Steam the renowned gaming platform, has announced an exciting new feature dubbed Steam Families. The goal is to make games easier for sharing among families and provide more secure parental control. Find out more information below.

Steam Families Sharing made easy

Steam Families that is in the process of beta-testing, permits groups that include as many as 6 Steam accounts connected. This gives access to a unified game library. Imagine a family where everyone member of the family can download and play games that another member owns, even when they’re playing online simultaneously. But, using the exact same games concurrently isn’t without a separate purchase.

It offers improved parental control features. Adults of their family are able to manage invites and set playtime limits or limit purchases. They can even manage access to the Steam storefront for child accounts. Children can easily ask for new games using the app, facilitating communication with their parents.

This feature shows Valve’s softer position on the sharing of accounts within Steam. In contrast to other subscription services that restrict sharing passwords, Steam allows for some flexibilities. With Steam Family, Valve caters to gamers and recognizes the fact that accounts share is a reality. Through combining game sharing with parental controls, they are aiming to provide a more enjoyable experience for families that play with each other with their children on Steam.

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