New State Mobile March Update is here

New State Mobile March Update is here
New State Mobile March Update is here

This update for New State Mobile comes with new characters for NEW ERA, new weather jetpack update, and much more.

Krafton the creator of New State Mobile introduces the March update earlier this morning. The update introduces new characters to NEW ERA along with new weather modes. Find out all the details regarding the new weather mode and coming changes to the battleground.

NEW STATE Mobile March Update: weather, “Daybreak”

A solitary dawn breaks over the survivors of JETA. Utilize your jetpack to see the dawn amid the dark that is JETA Daybreak! If you are playing NEW ERA: JETA, you will have the chance to play JETA Daybreak.

Every time you win in JETA Daybreak game, you obtain an extra reward. The achievement of winning in JETA Daybreak awards you an extra 50 percent tier points bonus. Don’t miss the chance to boost your tier! But you’ll lose 20 percent more tier points than you normally would if lose, so be sure to play it smartly.

Jetpack Update

You are now able to carry the jetpack even while carrying knocked-out allies and enemies. The jetpack’s capabilities are reduced to 66% when carrying. When you press the jetpack button, being lying down will cause you to get up.

To make your experience more enjoyable To boost your gaming experience, we’ve increased the frequency of vocal lines in combat: Jetpack Prepare for smoother flights! Characters now have the ability to comment on with jetpacks every 20 seconds instead 3 seconds.

Reloading Reloading: Concentrate on the next battle! Reloading voice lines will be played each 15 second instead of 5 seconds.

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