What Are Online Fantasy Games, and How Are They Played?

Fantasy Games
Fantasy Games

Online fantasy games have transformed the way fans of sports interact with their favorite sports. Through the integration of real-life sporting events with virtual gaming these platforms give a thrilling experience for fans that lets them build your own team, play against other teams and receive rewards based on the actual performance of their players. This article explores this world of virtual fantasy, describing the nature of these games, the way they’re played, and providing a list of well-known platforms within the world of cricket, as well as IPL including Dream11, My11Circle, and other ones.

Understanding Online Fantasy Games

Understanding Online Fantasy Games
Understanding Online Fantasy Games

What is Online Fantasy Games?

Fantasy games online are platforms that allow players to make virtual teams comprised of real players in the same sport. Teams earn points based on the real-time performance of the players during live games. The idea originated in the world of fantasy football, but has since expanded to numerous sports like basketball, cricket, baseball and much more.

How Are Online Fantasy Games Played?

The process of playing online fantasy games involves several steps to follow:

  1. Selecting a Match or League: Players begin by selecting the match or series of games (league) they would like to play. For example in cricket, it could be just a single T20 match or the whole IPL season.
  2. Creating a Team: Users can create their fantasy teams by choosing real players from participating teams. Each player gets a virtual price and players are given an amount of money to spend, which ensures that they choose their players carefully.
  3. Earning Points: After the actual match starts the fantasy team is awarded points based on the actual performance of the players selected. For instance when playing cricket, points can be awarded for the number of runs a player has scored and wickets made or caught, among other important actions.
  4. Competing and Winning: Players compete against other players in leagues that are public or private. The team that has the most points at the conclusion of the game or league usually wins, receiving cash prizes or other prizes.

Popular Fantasy Cricket Platforms

Popular Fantasy Cricket Platforms
Popular Fantasy Cricket Platforms


Dream11 is among the first players in the world of fantasy cricket and is the biggest fantasy sports website in India. It has seen a huge rise in popularity, especially when it is playing in it’s Indian Premier League (IPL).

How to Play on Dream11:

  • Select a Match: Choose an upcoming cricket match.
  • Create Your Team: Create a team of 11 players with 100 credits as a budget.
  • Join Contests: Participate in paid or free contests to compete against other users.
  • Track Performance: Keep track of your players’ real-time performances and points.
  • Win Rewards: You can win cash prizes based on the position of your team during the contest.

Dream11 also comes with features such as making private contests that you can play with your family and friends and adds a social aspect to gaming.


My11Circle is a different popular fantasy cricket game platform that is renowned for its easy-to-use interface and exciting gameplay.

How to Play on My11Circle:

  • Select a Match: Select a upcoming game to play in.
  • Create Your Team: Select 11 players to ensure an evenly balanced team within the credits allocated.
  • Join Contests: Participate in various contests that have various fee structures and entry fees.
  • Track Points: Watch the live performances from your squad.
  • Win Prizes: You have a chance to win cash prizes in exchange for your team’s performance.

My11Circle often hosts competitions where players compete against famous cricketers, bringing an thrilling variation in the sport.

Other Notable Fantasy Platforms

Other Notable Fantasy Platforms
Other Notable Fantasy Platforms

MPL Fantasy (Mobile Premier League)

MPL Fantasy offers a comprehensive game of fantasy cricket with numerous games and prizes.


  • Multiple contests for different skill levels.
  • Instant withdrawals of winnings.
  • User-friendly interface with detailed player stats and performance data.


BalleBaazi stands out by providing distinct fantasy formats which include bowling and batting fantasy.


  • Special leagues focusing on bowling or batting performances.
  • Regular updates and enhancements to improve user interaction.
  • Competitive cash prizes and leaderboard challenges.


FanFight is renowned for its user-friendly and simple platform that makes it accessible to new users.


  • Easy team creation process.
  • Variety of sports including cricket, football, and kabaddi.
  • Regular promotions and bonuses for players.

The Appeal of Fantasy Cricket Platforms

Engaging with Real-Life Sports

Fantasy cricket platforms enable players to participate in the game at a deeper level. Through the creation of the teams of their choice and strategizing players selections, fans feel more connected to games and the players. This feeling of engagement is amplified during events like the IPL when the fans’ enthusiasm and loyalty get to their highest.

Skill-Based Gaming

In contrast to traditional betting, fantasy cricket is thought to be to be a game of skill. To be successful in these games, you must have an understanding of the sport as well as understanding the player’s form, pitch conditions as well as other aspects that affect the actual performance. This kind of expertise gives legitimacy and legality to fantasy cricket across many countries.

Social Interaction

Many of the fantasy cricket platforms have social functions, which allow users to establish private leagues and play with family and friends. Social interaction is a key part of the overall experience and makes it a more enjoyable and enjoyable activity for all.

Financial Rewards

The chance to win cash prizes is a major attraction for many players. Fantasy cricket platforms provide a variety of contests that have different fees for entry and prize pools that cater to novice players as well as high stakes players.

Tips for Success in Fantasy Cricket

Research and Analysis:

  • Stay Informed: Be up to date on the latest news regarding injuries to players, their form and team tactics.
  • Analyze Performance: Check out the historical performance records of athletes, specifically under similar conditions.
  • Understand the Format: Different formats (T20, ODI, Test) require different strategies. Tailor your team accordingly.

Balanced Team Selection:

  • Diverse Roles: Make sure you have a balanced team that includes the right mix of batsmen bowlers and all-rounders.
  • Captain and Vice-Captain: The selections you make are important as they are worth double and 1.5x points in each case. Pick players that are in good condition.

Budget Management:

  • Credit Limit: Work within the credit limit, making strategic compromises when necessary.
  • Value Picks: Look for undervalued players that could help in providing significant returns.

Monitor and Adapt:

  • Live Updates: Watch live updates of matches for real-time decision making in real-time, if the platform supports.
  • Adapt Strategies: Be flexible and adjust your strategies to your current performance and match-up the current conditions.


Fantasy games on the internet have turned the way we watch sports into a fun and enjoyable experience. Platforms such as Dream11, My11Circle, MPL Fantasy, BalleBaazi, and FanFight offer a wide range of exciting and varied methods for fans to lose themselves in their favourite sports especially cricket. Through understanding the intricacies of these games, and applying the right strategies, players will not only experience the excitement of playing, but also have the chance of winning exciting prizes. No matter if you’re an experienced fan of cricket or just an uninitiated fan this fantasy cricket world has an array of options for all, and can enhance the pleasure of playing the sport that we all enjoy.

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