Free Fire Max Diwali Event: Leak reveals all the upcoming Prizes coming to the game

Free Fire Max Diwali Event
Free Fire Max Diwali Event

The Free Fire MAX Diwali event Leaks: Take a look at all the exciting rewards in the game: Garena incorporates tons of prizes through special events that let players discover the many facets of the game. With Dussehra closing in just a couple of days, gamers will anticipate a lot of new features for the upcoming Diwali celebration. In the meantime, leaks have been coming in about the forthcoming rewards which include bundles of emotes, bundles, Gloo Wall and other. This is all you should be aware of The Free Fire Diwali Event leaks

Free Fire MAX Diwali Event

Diwali In India is among the most renowned cultural events. Every year Garena offers a variety of game-related rewards via a campaign. According to reports, the rewards are expected to get more impressive this time. In addition to the usual rewards, players will also be able to earn rewards like bundles, emotes or gun skin skins Gloo Wall skins and other things. The date of release isn’t yet clear. It’s expected to arrive during the final month of the month in October.

Diwali Event all items

Free Fire Max Diwali Event leaks rewards
Free Fire Max Diwali Event leaks rewards

The popular data mining company, Knight Clown released a video that reveals the rewards that will enter the game. Here are some rewards that could be offered in this year’s Diwali celebration.ff

  • Roaring Knight Bundle
  • Dark Destroyer Bundle
  • Eternal Descent Emote
  • The Royale Elite
  • The Roaring Flame Pan skin
  • Tiger Crew Backpack
  • Claws of Fury
  • Banners, and many more Rewards

But, at the moment it is not available in the game. Gamers can also check these out in stores. But it is more beneficial to get them from sporting events. These are the main points regarding the upcoming Diwali festival. More updates on the same will keep coming.

Note: These awards are not yet officially announced. Players will have to wait for the official confirmation.

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