Euro 2024 squad announcement deadline set for June 7, teams demand delay amid international friendlies

Euro 2024 squad announcement deadline set for June 7
Euro 2024 squad announcement deadline set for June 7

Euro 2024 Squad announcement deadline to be announced on June 7th one week before the beginning of the tournament. Teams are requesting a delay in the congestion of fixtures.

The Euro 2024 is slated to begin on June 14th, 2024. The deadline for announcement of the squad is set one week before the date. The teams have not announced their squads so they will make the final cut after the end of their international friendly matches.

UEFA is being asked to extend the deadline for deadlines for Euro Squad submission. This is mostly due to the deadline for submission has been set at two hours after the players play international friendly matches.

Euro 2024 squad announcement deadline set for June 7

Euro 2024 squad announcement deadline June 7
Euro 2024

It is highly likely that UEFA will extend the deadline for the submission of squads. According to the rules, each team has to submit their final squad by June 7th which is exactly one week before the start of the tournament.

There are also issues with the limit on squad size. The current size of the squad is 23, suggestions and requests were made for it to be increased to 26. Concerning the issue of squad submissions it’s England and Scotland that have voiced their issues. It is expected that the Three Lions would be facing Iceland and Scotland in their final round of international friendly matches.

For England, Gareth Southgate is scheduled to announce his pre Euro squad in just two weeks. As with all teams the final squad will be cut down to just 23 members. Although Southgate prefers a squad with 23 members however, Julian Nageslmann of Germany has said that he’d rather have to have a team of 26 players.

The UEFA at their next meeting will be discussing the possibility of an improve in the strength of current squads. According to the rules, teams may replace any player prior to playing their first match of the tournament. But there’s a catch: the player has to be injured and medical certificates are required to show that the player isn’t capable of participating in the tournament.

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