Gautam Gambhir said “Shahrukh Khan is a family and KKR is an emotion”

Gautam Gambhir said
Gautam Gambhir said "Shahrukh Khan is a family and KKR is an emotion"

Gautam Gambhir joins Kolkata Knight Riders for the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024. He has left Lucknow Super Giants to return to his old team.

The southpaw helped lead KKR towards two IPL championships as a captain, and ever since his departure from the club, Knight Riders haven’t lived up to expectations.

In the Q & Q session on X, Gambhir was asked about the joy of returning with KKR as a member of the squad that is famous for its relationship with SRK.

Gambhir has called Shah Rukh Khan a family and KKR an emotion.

“Isn’t it evident? He’s family and KKR is a feeling for me. Excited,” he wrote.

Gautam was in the KKR camp at the recent IPL 2024 auction. Gautam played a key role in the franchise purchasing Mitchell Starc for INR 24.75 crore.

Gautam Gambhir says no problem with Virat Kohli

Gambhir does not have a sociable connection with Virat Kohli as the two have had an argument at times. But, Gambhir doesn’t think that there’s any issue with him or Virat away from the field.

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